Strong demand for penis enlargement

Some Jamaican men are depressed about the size of their penis to the point where a few have had to be referred to specialists to help them measure up. According to Dr Sandra Knight, who specializes in cosmetic surgeries, the demand for penis enlargement procedure in the country is quite strong and this is to a great extent driven by a notion that Jamaican men are well endowed.

My last patient was sent to me by his psychiatrist because he tried to kill himself about five times, and I’ve had several others who were recommended by mental health providers.

she told the WEEKEND STAR.

In 2018, the UK Sun reported on a survey that placed the penises of Jamaican among the largest in the world, measuring between 6.3 and seven inches, along with countries like Ghana and Nigeria. The average penis size is considered 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5.1 inches when erect.

Knight said that many Jamaican men who are not comfortable with the size of their penis have been enlarging them through surgical procedures, the most popular being ‘penile fat grafting. The doctor said the procedure involves harvesting fat from the patient’s lower abdomen and upper buttocks for the surgery

This procedure is actually quite popular than people think, there are a lot of men out there who feel inadequate. Small penises in this country are looked at as a crime and there are men out here suffering because women tease them mercilessly.

She said.

The procedure comes with a hefty US$2,800 (approximately J$379,000) price tag, but Knight said that patients think it is money well spent.

People enlarge their penises due to their demands. I’ve had males who said they were going into the porn industry and they wanted a thick penis. There were also two grooms who got it done for their wedding nights.

It is one of my favorite procedures to do because the patients are most grateful for this. When you do these men and they walk back in your office like a month later, their chests are high, they have smiles, they are just different persons, believe me.

She added

Credit: Jamaica Star